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Chris Seick

Engineer | Lesson 13

chris seick

  • Record Holder – Cinderblock Relay
  • Graduate – Colorado School of Mines

Chris didn’t wait until after high school to put the Unstoppable message to work in his life. His friends have the record for the Cinderblock Relay which will never be broken!

chris seick

Travis Dove

Owner- Formal Lawn Care | Lesson 16

travis dove

Travis took the Unstoppable message of,”Dare to be Different- Dare to be You” and began a lawn care business in high school. He cut each customers grass dressed in a Tuxedo (that’s right) and stayed busy all summer long.

Scott Garoutte

State Wrestling Champion | Lesson 12

scott garoutte

“My favorite story from Craig Conrad’s The Unstoppable You is “Crabs in a Bucket.” When some people told me that I would win because I had an easy bracket at State Finals in wrestling, that made me mad and it reminded me of the story about the crabs. That made me work twice as hard and I pinned my man in 1:17 in the finals and won the State-4-A wrestling championship.”

Colton Conrad

Student- Colorado State University | Fishing Guide- Three Forks Ranch | Lesson 45

colton conrad

His father’s Unstoppable! message has helped Colton achieve the distinction of being the youngest guide on the prestigious Three Forks Ranch at 15 years old. He’s been called one of the best casters on the ranch. He’s also an expert fly-tyer as well.

Roger Corey

Owner- Corey Electric | Lesson 50

roger corey

I cannot emphasize enough how this mindset has influence where our company is today. Craig is so successful at motivation and making people want to improve because his is so passionate about it. I could write a book about how Craig’s “Unstoppable” program has motivated and inspired myself and many others.

Khris Johns

Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG | Commanding Officer, USCG Halibut | Lesson 50

khris johns

“Craig Conrad’s The Unstoppable You left me with goose bumps as I considered the goals I had set for my life. It made me set priorities in my life. I was no longer just thinking about what I was going to do for the weekend, but what I was going to do with my life! The Unstoppable You taught me not to be afraid to reach for the “impossible.”

Well, because I set a goal and didn’t fear working towards it, I have reached what I had set out to do 7 years ago. I’m the commanding officer of my own 87 foot Coastal Patrol boat ported in Marina Del Ray California. I have my own ship, my own command, and my own crew in which the coast Guard entrusts me to maintain and safely operate every day.

Laura Duran

National Honor Society Member | Ambassador- Mesa State College

laura duran

“I can still recall the first time I heard Craig and “The Unstoppable you,” and the effect it had on me and my fellow peers. I had the goal to remain “Unstoppable” and managed to have a great high school career, maintaining this objective while in college at Mesa State. Everyone Craig Speaks to walks away as a changed person with a different perspective on life.

Kevin Rider

Conference Champion- High School Baseball | Lesson 35

kevin rider

Kevin put the “bark” in lesson 35 by hitting a grand-slam home run to lead his team to victory in the conference championship game. He was destined to be Unstoppable because he lived the “Big-Dawg” mentality he learned in Craig’s classroom on that fateful day.

Kelly Christensen

National College Steeplechase Champion | Lesson 50

kelly christensen

“Taking the challenge from Mr. Conrad, The Unstoppable You, to not participate in drugs or alcohol really allowed me to choose the best and easiest paths. There are many people that exceed my talent and potential that I’ve witnessed take wrong turns early in life with drugs and alcohol, thanks to The Unstoppable You program, my life didn’t turn out that way.

The Unstoppable You program was a recipe for success and motivated me for the future. I owe a big piece of my national title to Mr. Conrad and The Unstoppable You program, and feel that I was very privileged to have experienced what it takes to be Unstoppable, and hope all kids could participate in this program. I feel everyone in life can be Unstoppable, and all of you that read this and have the opportunity to become Unstoppable with Mr. Conrad, should jump at the opportunity. I am Unstoppable… are you?

John Bauer

Investor, Owner- Homestead Rescue LLC | Lesson 50

john bauer

“I’m sure you don’t realize the extent of your program The Unstoppable You! Please think about that the next time you’re speaking, or in the gym, in the shop, on your bike, or whenever you are concentrating on something that “average” people don’t do. Because of this, you’ve always been someone I’ve wanted to “be” when I grew up. Now that I’m almost there, I would like to come back and meet the person who showed me that selling 70 oak video cases door to door, in 4 days at 16 years old, could turn me into a successful sales person, business owner, future Mr. Colorado Heavyweight Champion, and future millionaire. Oh, and I hope to be a great role model for someone someday as well.”

Henry Billet

Owner, Promoter-Warrior Racing | Lesson 50

henry billet

“Craig Conrad has a God-Given talent of making kids listen that not everyone, hardly anyone, possesses. The Unstoppable You program has had a lasting impression on me in many ways. I came away with many lessons that I still draw upon today. Now, when I have to wake up at 5 AM to do work for my promotional business, or put on a freestyle motorcycle show, I ask myself “How successful do you want to be today?” I challenge myself because there comes a time when there are no Craig Conrads just yourself.

There’s no one there to hold your hand and motivate. I believe that is the great separator between those who accomplish and those who don’t, your inner drive. The Unstoppable you does a great job of teaching this value.”

Garrett Schooper

Johnson & Wales College | Lesson 13

garrett schopper

“Are you a man of your word, or simply the words of a man?” this is one of the philosophies that Craig Conrad instilled within me from The Unstoppable You. Because of The Unstoppable You, I have increased self-confidence, and amazing self-discipline.

Over 5 years ago, I shook Craig’s hand at the conclusion of The Unstoppable You and gave my word to be drug free. I’ve made it through high school and my first year of college, including being chosen to travel to study in Sweden, a country that I am legal to drink in. I never have! I will never be able to express my gratitude for the positive influence Craig has had on my life. It has helped me become the person I am today.

Clint Wells

clint wells

  • 5 time State H.S. Champion
  • 4 time College All American
  • 3 time Olympic Trail Qualifier
  • Sponsored by Nike

“Craig’s story, “When it’s Darkest, That’s When the Stars Come Out” became symbolic of a mindset I have adopted over the years. Life’s not always easy, nor does it always unfold according to my plans. When that happens, I think about that story. It’s become a cornerstone in my life, that’s what’s so beautiful about it!”

Private Chance Phelps

United States Marine Corp. | Lesson 38

chance phelps

Chance made the ultimate sacrifice while a soldier in Iraq. He believed strongly in the Unstoppable! message and was proud to fight for the freedom his friends enjoy to this day. Chance’s journey home from Iraq is the subject of a 2008 HBO movie starring Kevin Bacon.

Blaine Corlett

Head Boys Basket Ball Coach | Lesson 34

blaine corlett

“Craig spoke to my teams on 5 different occasions; we were 5-0 after his pre-game speech. His peaking and support were a critical part of two District Championships in a four year period. The team honored Craig by putting his words “Conceive-Believe-Achieve” on the back of their championship shirts.”

Aaron Sanchez

Outstanding Senior boy | Lesson 50

aaron sanchez

  • 2 Year All-Conference Football
  • Honorable Mention All-State Football
  • 4 Year Academic Letterman

“The Unstoppable You isn’t just a program, it’s an experience that influences the way you thing and act. It inspires and motivates your mind and body. It changes you in the best of ways. It gave me confidence in not only myself, but also my team. To believe in them as much as myself. I’ll never forget the story “Bundle-Up and Stick Together.”

Rich Sadvar

Owner- Craig Physical Therapy | M.S., P.T. | Lesson 25

Rich sadvar

“As a misguided sophomore in high school, I had no guidance as to what possibilities may lay ahead of me, until I heard The Unstoppable You. I was given a poem from Craig entitled “Don’t Quit” as I was going off to college. The theme of this poem only mirrored what he spoke about in The Unstoppable You. It’s when things seem worse that you must not quit.

Today I continue to be the only family member who holds a college degree. I have my masters degree in science and own Craig Physical Therapy. The key to my future was Craig and “The Unstoppable You.” See, Craig inspired me to teach and show others anything is possible when you believe it is. I gave a copy of that poem to my mom. She used it to inspire her to get her G.E.D.”

Anthony Loughran

Anthony loughran

  • Selected to All-State Basketball Game
  • All-Conference Basketball
  • 3 time All-Conference Track and Cross Country
  • All-State Honorable Mention Cross Country

“Craig Conrad’s The Unstoppable you taught me that you can either “Be a Man of Your Word, or Simply the Words of a Man.” I use Craig’s story in every aspect of my life, whether it’s in school, sports, or in my job.”

Eric Hess

High School Teacher & Former Student | Lesson 50

Eric hess unstoppable you

“Listing to Craig and “The Unstoppable You,” I knew that I would one day look back on it and see it, not only as an important time in my life, but as a time that changed my life for the better.

College was a stressful time and every time I thought college wasn’t worth the time, I thought about the Unstoppable You stories like :”Dig Your Pond,” “Don’t Quit” and “The Master Key” gave direction in my life. I decided I wanted to teach I hope that one day I can do what Conrad does, in my own way, to help kids make the right decisions, and do for someone else what Craig Conrad and The Unstoppable You has done for me.”

Dee Brockman

Lesson 52

Varsity Cheerleader

Dee Brockmen Unstoppable You

My favorite Unstoppale story was “The Banana Story.” Relating people to bananas was one of the best analogies I have ever heard. He told of how people have already become ripe; those people who had nothing more to grow, or learn from. I choose to be ripening.

I was a cheerleader for my high school career, and I would cheer football and basketball. At every game, I would see Mr. Conrad; he inspired me to attempt my double flip. I was always scared to try it since I am not a rotten banana; I can now do my double flip, as well as a back flip.

New opportunities have knocked and I have chosen to answer. I am not hiding anymore. I have gained confidence to go after swimming and running as well. I choose to try new things; things that help me ripen even more. I have more self-confidence now and I am proud of myself. I will never go ripe. Thanks for the boost Mr. Conrad.

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