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From Joseph Fox, Founder and CEO of SCI


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the fantastic gift you have given my staff and students! The time you spent with each group last week was amazing! The feedback from our students was overwhelmingly positive. The staff members also couldn’t stop talking about the impact you had on them. You have started Southern Careers Institute on the path to becoming Unstoppable!

When I first saw you on the “Wyoming Call of The Wild” TV show I never imagined that you would end up having such a powerful message for my staff and students. I am so glad that the episode I watched introduced me to The Unstoppable You program. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to adapt the program to serve my adult student population as opposed to the High School students you had been primarily presenting to. You however knew that you could, and in fact the program you customized for us was perfect for our students and staff. The real life stories and experiences really delivered the message that everyone can become Unstoppable if they choose to.

Now that we have completed the first phase of the program with students at 1 of our 7 locations, we are ready to move forward with getting the remaining 6 campuses introduced to how to become Unstoppable. We will be requiring the Unstoppable You program for all of our students at all of our campuses going forward. While these are adult students averaging 23-30 yrs of age, they will benefit unbelievably from this program. The messages that come out of the program are powerful and life-changing!

Thank you for becoming an important partner to Southern Careers Institute! I look forward to seeing you at the next event you conduct in Texas!


“The Unstoppable” Joseph Fox

Founder & CEO

Southern Careers Institute

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