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“…I could not believe [you] could actually keep teenagers on the edge of their seat for 2 1/2 hours. Immediately….I insisted that our administrative team bring [you] to Eads High School. [You] are just what we needed and the message hit dead on with our kids and staff. It was ABSOLUTELY worth the time, money, and effort to bring Craig to our school.”

-Betsy Barnett, Principal, Eads High School, Colorado

“I was lucky enough to hear you at Camp Lutherhaven. You inspired our group to go back and spread the Unstoppable word! With Unstoppable bonfires, dances, lunches, etc. We even made shirts. We feel we were so blessed to hear you. Thanks for the stories and motivation. You are changing lives, and I admire you for that.”

-Megan Mize, Student, Idaho

“Your speech was the most inspiring I have ever heard. I think about it every day. Please don’t stop giving your speeches – they are LIFE CHANGING.”

– Mariah Hammond, Student, Montana

“It is without reservation that I recommend Craig Conrad and his Unstoppable! presentation. It not only was captivating to our 3,000 students, but his message was truly motivating. On behalf of East Detroit High School, we salute Mr. Conrad’s commitments to reach out to touch the youth of today.”

-Paul Szymanski, Principal, East Detroit H.S. Michigan

“During my twenty-five years in public education, I’ve heard numerous renowned speakers. Craig Conrad’s The Unstoppable You is the top one I’ve ever heard for students and staff. I did not want it to end. Many teachers said they never experienced a program like Craig Conrad’s. It was incredible!”

-Don Anderson, Superintendent, Burlington School District, Colorado

“When you said that we will be changed when you were finished, and we walked out of the gym doors, I thought pish-posh… but I was! Thank you for changing my life.”

-Blair Jones, student, Wisconsin

“As I sat through “The Unstoppable You” assembly, my perspective on life was changing. On December 19, 2008 four friends of mine and I were involved in an accident. We had been under the influence of alcohol and we got charged with M.I.P.’s. However, it wasn’t the fines and community service that scared me; it was the fact that I should be dead right now, and I’m lucky to be alive. When you came to (my high school) I never thought you would have such an impact on me and how I think about life, but you did. As you went on with all of the inspiring stories, my view on life was changing every second. Your “UNSTOPPABLE” message sank into my brain and has been there ever since. I no longer get in a vehicle with a driver under the influence or anyone that has been drinking for that matter. I want to tell you thanks for having such a big impact on my life. I read one of your stories in your book every day. In all honesty, after the wreck I did become “stoppable.” I did whatever was “cool” because I was new to the school and just wanted to fit in – but after you came it all changed. I have become UNSTOPPABLE! I don’t care what others think anymore, and I do my own thing, not following the crowd anymore. Thanks again, Mr. Conrad, you changed how I think and possibly saved my life.”

-Katy Earley, Student, Colorado

Thanks for coming to our school; it was the best presentation we EVER had!

-Lyndsey Yacouetta, student, Nebraska

“I just finished reading your book. Wow!”

-Susan Utzinger, Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for the wonderful, inspiring, eye-opening presentation at Orofino High School. It was incredible to have 2 high schools and a junior high (over 500 people) attend and give you their undivided attention for two and a half hours. The students and staff loved you and are still talking about you and your amazing stories… Your impact is Unstoppable! The Orofino High School cheerleading squad is creating an “Unstoppable” cheer to keep this enthusiasm going all year.

Cheri Carter, R.N. HOSA Advisor, Idaho

“Thanks for the great program. I teach drama and coach a drama team. I thought it would be awesome to take the stories in your book, Unstoppable!, and work up a group performance art production of some of them. We will take this performance to our state competition and perform it for our school and others within our district.”

Deneen Redd, Teacher, Sundance, Wyoming

“I think every school should initiate your program. Your book is fabulous and hard to put down.”

-Gail Stuber, Exeter, Pennsylvania

“I read your book to my sophomores. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop; your stories are still having an impact on my students two months after you came and spoke, that is a huge accomplishment for them. Most information that they learned two months ago they can’t even remember. I know that some of them are making different life choices because of your message. I hope as a teacher I can make as big of a difference as you have in your classroom. In the realm of teachers, I think you are probably on the level of a rock star. Keep doing your program. It works!”

-Ally Cole, Science Teacher

“I just wanted to give you an update about what has happened since you presented Unstoppable at Payette High School. We just so happened to have our boys and girls soccer district championship games the day of the assembly. Our girls were playing their biggest rivals, who had beaten them during the regular season. Our girls battled hard and won the district championship! One parent commented you could hear encouraging cheers of “You are Unstoppable!” as they played. They went on to get 3rd at state. Our boys played a team that had beaten them twice in the regular season. It was the only team that had given them any trouble during the season. Against all predictions, the boys beat them that night and went on to win state! On top of that, our football team went on to the state play-offs for the first time in years. The day after both teams were crowned District Champions, signs appeared all over the hallways. They said, “If you think you can, you can,” and “Pirates RRR Unstoppable!” During Red Ribbon Week, we hung a banner that said, “Red Ribbon Week. I am Unstoppable.” Students signed the banner to commit to an unstoppable, drug free life. There is a positive feeling in the building that we haven’t had for a long time. Thanks so much or coming to our school. I would recommend it for any high school.”

-Suzie Rankin, Counselor, Payette High School, Idaho

“Craig, great job as a teacher and author. I am a former Science teacher, FBI, and CBI Agent. I will be ordering some new books. I have given them to granddaughters and teachers. You have left a legacy of extraordinary value. Thanks for all that you have done for the kids.”

-Nelson K. Jennett, Colorado

“Along with the students present, your message hit home with the teachers. From beginning to end your motivational stories kept our students engaged. Our school board president arrived late and commented that the presentation had to have been outstanding as our students and staff were so attentive for two hours.”

-Angela Beck, M.S. Alternative H.S. Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

“Your Unstoppable presentation was passionate, powerful, and emotional. Your energy level and passion is unsurpassed and we were tremendously inspired. You are Unstoppable!”

-Chuck Ziegler, Governor, Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Colorado

“I really appreciated your message and have been personally motivated to fulfill more of my goals.”

-Sandra Goffinet, PH.D. Idaho

“Craig Conrad’s Unstoppable assembly is without a doubt the most powerful assembly I have ever observed. The feedback I’m hearing from teachers, students, and parents is incredible!”

-Ron Schmidt, Asst. Superintendent

“Thanks for the Unstoppable You! Program. It has made a tremendous impact on our students. We went to State in Cross Country and our Knowledge Bowl team won…for the first time in 25 years.”

-Cheri Hopkins, Principal, Plainview High School, Colorado

“Our students and staff were blown away by your message. We recently had a writing assignment in class and a huge majority of the students were quoting from your book and presentation. We have never seen a program make such an impact on our students. They have continued to discuss that they want to be Unstoppable and that they want their cup running over. Our teachers have also commented that this was the best school presentation they have ever seen. I agree 100%”

-Tambra Gaskins, Counselor, New Plymouth H.S., Idaho

“I am so impressed with your book and feel so blessed my sons had the opportunity to hear you speak. You were a pivotal part of their lives in ways you will never know. You are a gifted man with a special knack at touching lives and making a positive difference in a challenging world. The youth of our nation need you.”

-Debi Harmon, Parent, Montrose, Colorado

“Thank-you for coming and talking at our school, you changed my life forever.”

-Michelle Robinson, Student, Nebraska

“Mr. Conrad excels at motivating and inspiring his audience. A must see in person, you’ll walk away with a sense of being Unstoppable.”

-Deshann Schinkel, Chairman, Parks and Rec. 2008 Conference, Wyoming

“One little girl told me that The Unstoppable You evening presentation taught her why we say the pledge of allegiance and what it means. She was so inspired she told her entire first grade class her version of your pledge story. The teacher was amazed and believes The Unstoppable You not only changed the way that little girl and her class looked at the flag, but also the teacher herself.”

-Shelbie Weeder, Colorado

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