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Dee Brockman

Lesson 52

Varsity Cheerleader

Dee Brockmen Unstoppable You

My favorite Unstoppale story was “The Banana Story.” Relating people to bananas was one of the best analogies I have ever heard. He told of how people have already become ripe; those people who had nothing more to grow, or learn from. I choose to be ripening.

I was a cheerleader for my high school career, and I would cheer football and basketball. At every game, I would see Mr. Conrad; he inspired me to attempt my double flip. I was always scared to try it since I am not a rotten banana; I can now do my double flip, as well as a back flip.

New opportunities have knocked and I have chosen to answer. I am not hiding anymore. I have gained confidence to go after swimming and running as well. I choose to try new things; things that help me ripen even more. I have more self-confidence now and I am proud of myself. I will never go ripe. Thanks for the boost Mr. Conrad.

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