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Rich Sadvar

Owner- Craig Physical Therapy | M.S., P.T. | Lesson 25

Rich sadvar

“As a misguided sophomore in high school, I had no guidance as to what possibilities may lay ahead of me, until I heard The Unstoppable You. I was given a poem from Craig entitled “Don’t Quit” as I was going off to college. The theme of this poem only mirrored what he spoke about in The Unstoppable You. It’s when things seem worse that you must not quit.

Today I continue to be the only family member who holds a college degree. I have my masters degree in science and own Craig Physical Therapy. The key to my future was Craig and “The Unstoppable You.” See, Craig inspired me to teach and show others anything is possible when you believe it is. I gave a copy of that poem to my mom. She used it to inspire her to get her G.E.D.”

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