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Khris Johns

Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG | Commanding Officer, USCG Halibut | Lesson 50

khris johns

“Craig Conrad’s The Unstoppable You left me with goose bumps as I considered the goals I had set for my life. It made me set priorities in my life. I was no longer just thinking about what I was going to do for the weekend, but what I was going to do with my life! The Unstoppable You taught me not to be afraid to reach for the “impossible.”

Well, because I set a goal and didn’t fear working towards it, I have reached what I had set out to do 7 years ago. I’m the commanding officer of my own 87 foot Coastal Patrol boat ported in Marina Del Ray California. I have my own ship, my own command, and my own crew in which the coast Guard entrusts me to maintain and safely operate every day.

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