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Phase One: The Unstoppable You


This all-school assembly, with its riveting big-screen images, will awaken the spirit and provide students with the “MASTER KEY” to unlock their full potential, while providing powerful, true-life examples for student character building and making positive choices.


  • Inspires a major paradigm shift in the way kids view bullying, drugs, alcohol, violence, and apathy.
  • Boosts students’ self-esteem and self-confidence, while providing true stories and lessons to develop positive character traits.
  • Empowers the overwhelming majority of students to make a commitment to be UNSTOPPABLE!
  • Revitalizes students’ appreciation and understanding of “The Ripple Effect” of their choices.
  • Motivates kids to “Raise the Bar” and “Fill their Cup” making it the perfect cure for the “Disease of Average-itis.”


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