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Phase Three: Parents & Community


Designed to build unity and teamwork between school and community. This entertaining and inspiring event features riveting and unforgettable big-screen images that resonates with people of all ages. This fun and interactive presentation will have them laughing one minute and crying “tears of inspiration” the next, while motivating your entire community and school to “Bundle-Up and Stick Together.”

Note: This event is a great way to show the community your commitment to excellence, and has historically drawn huge crowds.


  • Unites the community and school to work in unison to build an UNSTOPPABLE! school.
  • Attracts community members to your school for a fun, exciting, and positive experience. A great PR tool!
  • Builds tremendous community support for promoting your school’s customized Leadership & Success Journal.
  • Promotes positive dialogue between teachers, parents, and students.
  • Generates funds to help cover the cost of your UNSTOPPABLE! event.

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